Monday, January 19, 2015

Hawaii 2015 con Los Wittigs!

We made it to Kauai! Hawaii was gorgeous, windy, chillier than normal, and wonderful. All four of my brothers and families were present. Hawaii as a backdrop to a family vacation was the best. 

Rosie Smile.
 We flew first to Phoenix. Our flight was at 7am so we were up super early to make our flight. Three and a half hours later we were in Phoenix and then we rushed to make our next flight to Lihue. That flight was 6 1/2 hours long. The kids were great and entertained with flashy screens. Technology rocks!
 We landed at 2:30pm Hawaii time. 6:30pm Chicago time. Everyone was in good spirits. 

 We all woke up at 3-4am the following morning. Breakfast had to wait though because nothing was open and we didn't have our rent a car yet. Finally Breakfast. Jimmy's happy!

 The staff brought Jimmy bananas. He was NOT interested.
 Isa found a crab!
 Walking along a rocky shore. 
 Rosie displaying her life motto!
 This is at our hotel from the first night. 
 We are so happy to have sunshine all around us.

 In the rent a car. Let's explore!
 The pictures are not in order but we saw Hanalei Bay from above and decided we must go and check out this beach. 
 Rosie Smile.
 The most unique thing about Kaua'i were the hen and roosters walking about. 

 They walk in the street too. We were shocked not to find a lot of dead roosters on the road.There were lots of, why did the chicken cross the road, jokes!

 This was where we first spotted Hanalei Bay. It made the 10 hours of flying worth it.

 With Daddy. Behind Marc to the left is a river.

 Rosie taking our photo.

 Isa's turn.

 Back to our first Hanalei Bay experience!
 Our first evening at the condos. We rented three townhouses: #49, 50, and 36. #49 and #50 shared a wall. All the kids lived in the two. Nathan and Jonny's family in one and the Harrison clan in the other. Jacob and Luke were in 36. We ate most of our meals here. The kids put on five performances the first night. Jimmy never rehearsed but he jumped right in. 
 Check out Jimmy's smile. He loved it! Even cute Claire aka Cuari joined in!
 You can tell who didn't make it to rehearsal.
 Jimmy's favorite place to sit was between two uncles. 

 Another performance. I believe it was Wheels on the Bus. 
 London Bridges Falling Down

 Twinkle Twinkle
 Jimmy's going solo!

 Classic Rosie Smile Face!

 Got it.
 Kauai's Tunnel of Trees

 a fine looking rooster
 We went to Poipu beach in south Kauai. It has a large reef that lessons the waves to make it a kid friendly beach. The kids didn't seem to notice the weather so much but it was in the 60s with very little sun and windy. 
 Rosie being quiet.

 Rosie and I hanging out in sweatshirts at the beach.
 Where are daddy's feet?
 Rosie took the plunge though. Check out the palm trees. They show how windy it is.
 Mom, my feet are right here.
 Isa and Emma getting in!
 Luke just helped save the woman that is walking behind him to the left. She was snorkeling and butted into the reef. The lifeguard spoke in his megaphone to get out of the area. Luke helped her do that. 

 Thumb to the side. I think it was blown over.
 Me at the beach.
 Marc gave all the kids rides including kids he didn't know.

 Rosie loved surfing on the boogie board.


Luke, Jonny, Caro, and Nathan

 Rosie Smile.
Jimmy with the best smile!

 Anini Beach. This day was colder than the last. 

Leticia and Cuari
 We huddled up with our wee ones.
 Check out all the leaves that have fallen due to the uncharacteristically high winds.
Sweet Cuari!
 Rosie loves cuddle time.
 We settled for the pool!
 We have a photographer on the windiest day ever. Errr.
 Rosie Smile.

 We  sat in the car while we waited to avoid the cold temps.
 Let's take phtoos.

 My handsome man!

 After our photo shoot, we opted for some indoor photos.
 Rosie, Jimmy, Isa, Caroline, Emma, and Claire

 After church.
  Emma and Rosie!

   We went on a hike that wasn't that kid friendly. So we went up for a little bit and then turned around.

 Down at the bottom of the mountain.
 Claire and Lisa
 I don't know what beach this is but it was cool and had a great view.

Rosie, Emma, and Claire
 cutie girls
 sister fun!

 Rosie passed out. 
Back to Hanalei Bay and this time to play in some sun!!!
 Look over here!

 First puzzle completed. It's missing one of over 500 pieces. 

 Jimmy's favorite thing to do. Hang on daddy's hand rings over the ocean.
 Rosie and Cuari

 My turn to surf?!?!
 Jimmy enjoyed the sand toys.
 Many forts were built.
 Isa, Jimmy, Emma, Rosie, Claire, Caroline 
 Luke enjoyed sand castle making as much as the girls!
 Leticia and Cuari
 Jimmy has his feet on a stick and his head on a stick. He was totally in his own world till I interrupted to take a picture. That ruined everything.
 What to do next with his two sticks?
 Jimmy sitting on a hot table looking cute!
 Rosie Smile.
 Lisa got her to smile.
 Rosie, Jonny, Caro, and Isa.
  Rosie has a milkshake mustache. 
 I was there too!
 Shaved Ice. Not our favorite.
 Classic Marc Look!
 Happy Marc Look!

Let's hang.
Uncle Jacob was great at entertaining Jimmy!
Peace, Luke!

Another day at the beach!
Lots of hard work.
Luke playing Frisbee and leaping all at the same time!
Caroline munching on some sunglasses.
Instead of Christmas gifts we exchanged Kauai souvenirs white elephant style. It got dirty. Just saying.
We included Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Bebe, and Mark from San Antonio!
Luke, Christi, Margarita.

Jimmy got coconut syrup. YAY!
Park fun.
Cuari giving me some ice cream.

Going to the lighthouse!

Isa made some pretty things with Hawaii's nature.
Emma did too!

Kilauea Light House with Nathan, Emma, Leticia, and Claire!
Isa and Emma were inseparable.
Luke-oh and Jonny!
Sweet Caroline!

My handsome boys!
one little, two little, three little cousins!
looking out to sea for a lucky dozen

All Rosie wants in life are more tattoos.
cool looking tree with what looks like pineapples hanging from it. 
Jimmy getting his surfing in.
Luke getting his siesta in.
Isa getting her feet in.
Isa make a cool sculpture.
Rosie hauling sand.
Rosie as a mermaid. Jimmy as a stiff.
cool sand sculpture and sand playing girls in the backdrop. 
Isa getting buried.
Well done!
Daddy and Isa!
Family photos at Hanalei Bay on our last day at the beach.

Marc and I getting ready to surf.
six little surfers take a lesson in surfing.
the wittigs looking good and keep on burping.
Marc caught a wave bra - man-lurping.

Jonny Caro, and Lisa
Look how big that board is!!! Mine was a tad shorter.
The kids made a fort on the beach.
and took lots of selfies.

Sweet Caroline and Uncle Marc!

Getting Jimmy to sleep at night was a challenge for Marc! 
Park fun!
This tree was like 5 stories wide.
Fairy house made at the bottom of the huge tree above.
by these two.

Rosie modeling at the water fountain.

The girls loved Hawaiian punch and the cute little umbrellas.
Jimmy's like, I'll stick with water, thank you.

my drink was the best! 
more surfing pictures.

Jonny, Jacob, Jimmy, Marc, Nathan, Christi, Claire, and Leticia
Jimmy loved being between the guys.
Three girls equals triple trouble!
and triple cute!
#49 and#50!
Luke and Caro
Waterfalls after a long day of rain.
Jacob hanging with Jimmy and Caro.

Caro and Jonny!
 Family picture!

Rosie Smile.
Caro liked loosing her feet in the sand!
Jonny and Jacob.
same hike as before just someone elses photos! Marc, Jimmy, Emma, Caro, Lisa, and Isa.
Wittig Boy Band.
They got to hike higher than us because they don't have toddlers.

Wittig Selfie!
One of my faves!
 two thumbs up, literally!!!
 Isa loved the boogie board!
 Caroline eating like a big girl!
 Photo bomb! Emma and Isa made cute necklaces for everyone!
 Rosie Rose
 Caroline loves paradise! 
 Cuari wants a turn!
 Emma, Luke and Caro. This may be her only unhappy face caught on camera. She's such a happy babe!
 with movie star good looks!
 Jimmy chowing down on some corn. 
 We went to see the lighthouse and it was closed. We went back the next day.
 Goofy Girls!
 Girl fun!
 Getting ready for some white elephant fun!
 What is it?
 Nothing but cuteness! 
 Let's read about the Horns. K.
 Puzzle fun. This one is missing one piece. 
 Jimmy wanted out. 
 Jimmy didn't eat much since the rooster kept trying to eat the food he dropped on the floor. 
 The rooster did not wander far from Jimmy and so Jimmy went hungry.
 Everybody on the bench quickly.
 Now smile and don't let Caroline fall.
 This might be the best one.

 Jimmy wants in on this!
 All 6 with 12 eyes looking in our general direction. It's a winner!
 But, actually, this one is better. Literally. :)

 Jimmy getting kisses.
 Right after the photoshoot on the bench, we parted ways with Nathan, Leticia, Emma, Claire, and Luke. They went to the airport and we had 10 more hours to kill. So we went on a train ride of a plantation.
 Most of the ride was not a ride but time spent feeding goats, pigs, and chickens.
Jimmy thought it was pretty hilarious!
 I took a picture of Lisa taking a picture of everyone in action.
 Lisa and Rosie!

 After the train ride we drove up a tall mountain via the windiest road ever. My stomach almost didn't make it. The view was pretty cool though.

 Lisa styling in a beautiful Hawaiian wrap.
 Isa is so happy to be out of the car.
 a family photo!

 After the canyon checked out an old Russian Fort from the early 1800s and then we went to a town called Hanapepe. There they have a swinging bridge. 
 It didn't swing enough for Rosie.
We picked the best day to hit Hanapepe as they have lots of fun on Fridays with music, vendors, and karaoke.
 We ate some AMAZING barbeque.

 Then right next door the girls worked their voices.
 There were lots of kid songs like twinkle, twinkle, abc's, wheels on the bus and they had all the songs from Frozen!
 Jimmy with daddy singing along to the abc's.
 Jimmy needs a jungle gym. 

From there we went to the airport for our 11pm flight. It was pretty painless besides being tired from a bad night of sleep. We landed in Phoenix and had an hour or two before our next flight to Chi-town. We landed in Chicago around 2:45pm and were reunited with Jonny, Lisa, and Caroline at baggage claim. We can't get enough of them! It was a wonderful trip! Aloha (goodbye) and Mahalo Hawaii!