Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A busy busy March!

In 30 minutes the car will arrive to take us to the airport for our flights to Texas. Clearly that means I should get a blog of photos out beforehand. I don't have a camera at the moment so all my pictures were taken with my phone which is pretty low quality. Very little commentary but I might go back and fill some in later.

I was unable to finish in time so I will add comments now. Jimmy going to the doctor.

Jimmy at horseback riding. He LOVES it and will enter any white van willingly since he rides a white van to horseback riding. SCARY!
Jimmy's class learned about penguins. He made a chin strap penguin.
I was at Jimmy's school and I noticed this picture and I thought, wow- that's a horrible photo - then I realized all the kids pictures looked bad. They had an app that made them look 100 years old. In that case, he looks pretty good!
Jimmy dressed as Snow White at Panera. 
Jimmy sleeps like such a cool dude.
Jimmy's friends older sister had her eleventh birthday at a painting place. Jimmy was Eli's special guest. He loved painting and I loved it too. So fun!

He's like, please let me work. Thanks!
Jimmy is off to the left and Eli is front and center. Birthday girl is first person in front row from the left. 
Rosie is proud of her puzzle. 

I made this outfit for Isa. I have been making outfits for the school and nieces and I decided it was time to make some for Isa and Rosie. They might notice the neglect! She hasn't gotten it yet. Shhh!
Jimmy loves looking glamorous!
Isa playing Splendor with me. 
I crushed her!
Jimmy dancing with daddy's winter gloves on.

A fancy, costume, swim party?! I'm ready!
At Misericordia's St. Patty's Day party!
He's got moves!

My cool artistic shot!
Family is getting down!

Somehow Rosie got the mic. It didn't last long!
Why yes, I will dance with you!
Grandma Bebe showing Rosie how much older she is than Rosie.

Isa's Irish Dance group, she the 6th person from the left.
Here she's enjoying the applause with her arms open wide.
80's cover Rock band!
with a random dude.
on a party bus selfie!
Rosie + slide = pure joy!

Jimmy digs it too!
Rosie trying on her costume for her recital.

At SFX awaiting Isa's play, the Wizard of Oz. Isa was the Wicked Witch of the West! She was fabulous! Next to Jimmy is a classmate who happened to attend the show.
Leslie and I!
Isa as the witch and her very scared little sister. Rosie really didn't want to watch but pulled through!

 Jimmy's play date with two girls.
Some of Jimmy's artwork. He loves to paint!

Harrison Spring Birthday Celebration at Chuck E Cheeze!!!

The older girls! Olivia will be 10 and Isa will be 9 very soon!
Isla's birthday is not till September but we can't leave her out. 
Cutie Isla!
Jimmy's a cowboy!

Grandma Bebe and Rosie! My blue eyed girls!

4 year old girls!
I got moves! 
Happy Birthday Papa Mark!

water color in the morning

If you leave fruit out, Jimmy will eat it till there is no evidence left. 
My lunch date.
and her cookie!
dance party!
dot paint! he started with this.
His finished work.
Rosie and her masterpieces!

Jimmy with two dresses, a wand, and a pom pom.
off to the fridge.


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