Sunday, March 22, 2015

Variety Show 2015 at McKenzie: We Are McKenzie!

I left my camera in LA so I haven't taken that many photos lately but thankfully lots of other people have. I am in the Variety Show at McKenzie Elementary and it has been a blast. 

This first picture is from the opening number. The song ends with me center stage. It's hard not to love that!  :)
Not the best picture of me but you get the idea!
This # is called Soil. It's done in black light and we are wearing all black except for our shoes, gloves, and boas.

Here we have shovels and they are swinging in a circle.
At the end of the number we turn around and you see our cool flowers on the back of our shirts. 
Next up is our hip hop number. I'm on the edge of the photo to the left. We are aliens and we visited McKenzie because we heard the kids were really nice there. 
It was really fun!

My last number is called Tug of Peace which is what they call Tug of War at McKenzie! I made the sign for the #. I'm on the end by the M!
We are singing, you gotta dig your feet in (the dirt)!
Don't get rope burn!
Watch out for the rope burn (and splinters)!
Pretend taking a picture

I really wanted to win!
I really want to win!
I'm taking a real picture during the performance!
 Our final pose!
The closer. I'm right behind the guy with the mic!

Marc took the kids to the show that most of the photos were taken above from and the photographer took some of Jimmy and his friends as well. 

Some of the other numbers:
Halloween Parade
 Running Day
 Variety Show

 My hiphop Crew! We are aliens!
 Lunch Line
 Lara and I!
 Don't Let The Rope Go!

 The girls in running day.
 waiting to go on.
 Pictures from the curtain

 After the show everyone gets their shirts signed. Jimmy loved it!


 Getting Silly in line for the opener!

The tappers! 

 I was trying to bring out my inner alien!
 The doggie # Door.
 It's a wrap!
Thank you to my mom for flying out to help with the kiddos and my basement and my laundry and cleaning my kitchen and my house and food so we are not hungry! You are a rock star!!! Till 2016!

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