Friday, March 13, 2015

Winter 2015! MLK Day, Isa's Talent Show,

It's winter time. I don't know where the time has gone but it has surely flown this winter.
 Rosie looking cute!
 I went to school with Rosie and read to the class and had fun taking some pictures while I was there. 
 She's explaining something to me.
 lots of play dough action

 some painting with shaving creme paint and funky objects

 Isa was in the talent show. She was great. These three did a comedy routine.
 anything for a laugh
 excited audience
 30+ acts of talent but still 30+ acts!

 Isa with the northface model
 All the kids had Martin Luther King off and we went downtown to visit daddy. Both girls fell asleep. 
 But daddy woke them up!
 In the lobby of Marc's building.
 Jimmy loves hanging with daddy.
 Then off to the Rain Forest Cafe!



 Jimmy performed at his school. He's the kid that's farthest right on the risers. 
Date night in! 
 Jimmy being cute!

 Jimmy made the catalog! 
 Let's visit the police station.


 I made a sledding hill but it wasn't that much fun. 
 Jimmy in his karate get up.
 I made this cute uniform for the school benefit.
 this one too!
 Marc made partner! 
 Rosie and Jimmy in swim class!
 On Isa's day off from school she read to Rosie's class. 
 Then we went out to Starbucks.

 Later that same day, I organized a craft for Jimmy's classroom. It was fun to hang out with them!

 Rosie's school didn't allow valentines so someone threw a valentine party. It included face painting.

 She had a great time!

 Later Isa painted Rosie's face. 

 swing time!

 Valentine's Day Pancakes

 Dress Up!

 Isa really wanted Rosie to be the statue of liberty.

 She did it!
 Jimmy's class went on a field trip to see the Seesaw Threatre group. His teacher emailed me this picture.
We had to check it out for ourselves so we went. The actors play with the kids before the show and get them acclimated to them.

 Then the kids join the show. 

 a group picture at the end! 

Marc and I were fortunate to fly to LA without any kids. Thank you, Jo, Jeph, Lisa, and Jonny. We had a wonderful time away. 

It's time to hit LA! Here we come Tessa and Jacob!
Our first stop was in Malibu at a cool restaurant out on the pier. 

 the start of our culinary explosion in LA.
 Karaoke and a beer while we wait for our table. Hilarious. 
 authentic chinese food. AMAZING!

 Block Head Shaved Ice - eh!
 Clementine's. The BEST!
 skate park
 lots of selfies. no selfie sticks.

 flat tire. no worries. old guy ready and able to help.
 looking hot while taking a break from our bike tour de la coast.
 did I mention that we saw Bono on McKinney St.? 
 Mexican food! Wasn't even hungry but ate a full meal. 

 At the Ivy! Champagne?!
 I LOVE the flowers. Gorgeous!

 Rosa from Brooklyn 99 is sitting behind me. I was unaware. MARC!!!
 Did I mention fancy dining...we couldn't escape it even when we ate in. 
 They didn't have any fun. Lots of moping. 

I will leave you with my favorite photo of the weekend! 

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