Tuesday, April 28, 2015

San Antonio, Texas for Spring Break and Easter!

We are on our way to San Antonio, Texas for Spring Break! The kids are ready to fly!
 Posing with part of a dinosaur skeleton. 

 Isa acted kind of scared during take off. She rubbed off that energy on Rosie. 

 Jimmy loved take off as well.
 We hung out with Mawmaw and Pawpaw. Jimmy made Mawmaw play the recorder. 

 Pawpaw figured out what Jimmy wanted and ate his arms
 Mawmaw and Jimmy!

 Let's all pile on top of Mawmaw!

 Wait, let's do it again. Are you ready?!
 Big hugs and lots of love!

 It was a really long hug!

 Goldfish Pretzels! 

 It's chocolate cake! 
 Mom-did you cook this cake?
 Of course not, it's a sponge cake!
 At Morgan's Wonderland!
 Jimmy driving a jeep!

 Jimmy on the train!
 Jimmy and Uncle Jacob!

 Grandma Bebe, Isa and Rosie on the train!

 Rosie is a rock star!

 Isa got a zoomer.

 Decorating Easter Eggs!

 At the resort for a day/night!

 Maeve and Rosie!

 Liz and Michael

 Isa went on her first real water slide!

 She loved it!
 Jimmy and Liz!

 Jimmy and Daddy!
 Hotel Emma!

 After celebrating Easter, we celebrated Papa Mark and Isa's birthdays. Grandma Bebe made a scavenger hunt for them.

 They found all the clues and now get presents!

 Isa got a big gift.
 Isa talked while opening of a time that Grandma Bebe wrapped the smallest gift in a big box and then another box and then a bag and then an envelope...
 Isa is feeling a little deja vu! 

 Now let's sing!

Insert some of Marc's photos!
 Jacob and Jimmy

 The building behind Isa is a Catholic school...Science, Religion, Patriotism. Catholic Values!?!

 Jimmy loves to dress up
 Isn't he cute!

Back to my photos...
 After Easter and birthdays, we went to the Spurs game! 
 The Spurs won!
 Popsicle fun!

 I drew the circle and Jimmy did the rest! 
 On the Wittig hilltop!

 Rosie said, "you can see the whole world from here."

 Fredericksburg, TX, the heart of the Hill Country in Texas! 

 Bluebonnets, the best flowers in Texas!

 She never stops talking
 except every now and again. 
 Gotta love Rudys!
 A school project of mine that my mom held onto for a very long time. I took a picture of it so she would throw it away...finally. Go Tigers!

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