Monday, May 18, 2015

April and May fun includes Isa's birthday, soccer, t-ball, recital rehearsals, and more!

Isa holding her third American Girl Doll. Three also represents the number of minutes she plays with it during the course of the year! Meet Rebecca. She got a gift card from Christmas and another one at her birthday. She was going to get a look a like doll but after viewing them and the simple outfits they come with, she changed her mind and got Rebecca who has brown hair and eyes just like her and a cool outfit. 

 Rosie has learned how to look at the camera and smile. It's amazing! 
 Isa is also learning how to do Rosie's hair. If only Rosie would keep her hair up. 
 Another day and another hairdo de Isa. 
 Isa is 9!

 a random picture of Jimmy. I heard noise in his room after bedtime. He's like busted!!!
 One amazing thing that happened in April was Jimmy became potty trained. He spent a week in just underwear. It made for some cute pictures. :)

 After two months of being time trained both at school and home we switched gears and used the Azrin and Fox method to potty train Jimmy. We knew he could do all the parts, now he just needed to learn to go on his own. I almost quit 5 days in after seeing no progress. Then late in the afternoon while I was at Rosie's ballet class and I was telling the other moms about how I was failing and not sure how to proceed, I got a call from professional potty trainers. I put our name on the list in December and four months later when I was about to quit, I got a call. I asked if she could come over for a few hours the next day and she said yes. She tweaked one or two things to the method and things improved. Then the following day, I failed to get the same success. She came back on Friday, day 8, for one hour and it clicked. Jimmy went pee all by himself 17 times. He's had great success ever since! 
 Getting ready for Isa's birthday party. She came up with the theme, an improv party. Uncle Luke and a friend came and helped organize some improv games. The girls came to the party with a prepared joke or two or three. 
 After the party, Rosie was a butterfly.
 The many faces of Rosie!

Jimmy at Evan Gresko's 5th birthday party. He was chillin with Jack!

 Isn't this how you play games?
 Wait! There's a scorpion in there. 
 Jimmy at swim lessons. His favorite activity. 
 Not a great picture but Jimmy is swimming without any floating devices. He can swim just hard enough to keep his head above the water. 
 Tessa and Jacob are engaged!!!! This was just a silly poem we sent to them with some cute pictures they took before and after the engagement! 
 Isa entered the mother's day essay contest in the Wilmette Beacon and won. 

 Rosie's school had a pajama day with professional story tellers. The kids loved it. 

 The morning of Isa's 9th birthday. Jimmy gave Isa a big birthday hug!
 Rosie was desperate for Isa to open her gifts. 

 Rosie is as happy as can be! 
 9 and rushing to do her homework in the morning before school! 
 She blames Rosie for not getting any of it done! 
 classic Isa rebuttal face! 
 Happy Jimmy!
 Jimmy La Roo!
 Isa warming up for her party!

 The guest finally arrived!
 Just 20+ girls from her third grade class. :)

 All the girls got on the mic to tell their jokes!

 Luke telling a joke!
 Improv games!

 Ice cream cake!!!


 Rosie at t-ball. She got the best team, The ROCK HOUSE!

 Speaking of the Rock House. We hosted a party there to raise money for Rosie's preschool. It was full of great karaoke! Leave it to Eloise and Isa to kick of the party!

 a true headstand.
 Isa's trying!
 Rosie in ballet class.

 Jimmy at horseback riding.
 We showed up and Jimmy was already on the horse. He let it be known to all that he was super excited to see us. 

 The girls had as much fun as Jimmy. 
 Time to groom the horse, Bubbles.

 Isa went to the Butterfly Ball with Papa Jeph. 
 Jeph said the girls talked loudly the whole way to and from the ball! It's so fun for the girls to be together! Cousins are the BEST!
At the ball!
Rosie's first of two rehearsals for her recital! 
 She's one of many cute girls but her hand is up!

 As we were leaving Rosie grabbed the lipstick and applied some by herself. Then I took a picture of Rosie and Harriet. 
 Check out the lipstick!!
 Rosie at T-Ball!
 I love this one.

 I love her intensity!

 At the end, the coaches have all the kids run the bases till time is up.

 She has one more week of t-ball but they all got trophies and a flier. Life is good. 
 Jimmy's Jump For Joy performance! 

 So Cute!

 At SJB to celebrate Father Wayne's 25 year of being a priest. 

 Let's party with Spiderman! Jimmy loved hanging with the superhero.

That's all for now. More recitals and end of the year pictures to come!!!

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