Monday, May 18, 2015

December through April 2015! Marc's phone photos.

All pictures taken from Marc's phone! 

Hanging with Aunt Tessa. She's the best at finding time for everyone! 

Rosie at a birthday party.
Marc killing it on the treadmill!
Christmas party at SFX

Who doesn't pose in people's front yards with large blow up reindeers?
Annual Elvis Christmas Party. Marc and his high school buddies.

Just arrived in Hawaii.

Marc took the kids to the Shedd.
Isa and Olivia.

donuts and a shake. Must be on Marc's watch!!! jk

The girls camping out on the floor!
at Rosie's school
snowman. I think the dirt is for its hair and beard. Not sure. 

Isa and her hammock making

Dinner out with the cousins. How can one not take a picture of this? That is from the kids menu!

Isa killed it as the witch in the Wizard of Oz. 

Jimmy looking studdly!

Late night at a Variety show party

family outing. 

Rosie posing for daddy!

Marc and Rosie date.
We waterproofed the basement. There was so much dust. 

Jimmy at soccer practice generally involves finding a tractor. 

Isa and Rosie out with daddy for dessert. 

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