Friday, July 3, 2015

Jimmy's 7!

It's hard to believe but Jimmy Jims is 7. 

 This year his birthday fell on Father's day. 
 The boys look good! 

Family birthday party.
 Who needs cake when you have drumsticks?
 Good times with Aunt Ellie!

 drums and lots and lots of sticks!
 drum circle!

 Sweet Caroline loves drumsticks too.

 rolling in the grass. everybody's doing it.

 Emmett made it all the way from Seattle!

 Caroline is applauding Ellie's catch!
 Luke and kids playing an intense game of hide and seek with a tag element.

 Battleship! Tommy won!
 Emmett's leaving. We must get a picture with him! 
 I just wanna play my drums.
 I want that black thing you have in front of your face! 

 Jimmy's a pirate!

Jimmy's gymnastic party with his class.
 old pals!
 with Phoebe

 Sebastian, Finn, and Jimmy

 Pit fun!

 Group Picture!
 Finn and Jimmy fall off the beam!
 Where did Jimmy go?
 I'm alright! 
Jimmy had a great year. 1st grade was awesome. He participated in many after school activities including swim, horseback riding, soccer, tennis, karate and dance. We look forward to loving our sweet Jimmy Jims as a 7 year old! 

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