Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Fun!

 Tessa and Jacob's family engagement party
 Isa made a fortune cookie...
 and gifts were given
 Jacob's holding a champagne glass
 Jo's holding champagne glasses with champagne! 
 To Jacob and Tessa!

 Isa made awards for the occasion.
Most likely to be the best husband award goes to Jacob! Now kiss!

I organized a mommy preschool. 5 kids, 5 mommies, we each taught two days and were free 8 mornings! It was awesome. 
 Snack time! 
 Isa at her rehearsal for her recital. 
 Rosie on the day of her recital.

 lots and lots of gel!

 Getting ready to head backstage!

 Looking cute and ready!
 working on her moves!
 yes, you got it!

 with Harriett

 after the show! hugs all around.

Jacob! We must hug you lots and lots.

 Tug of war! Jimmy held onto the rope like it was a dancing partner. It was fabulous to watch.
 My snack for preschool. No complaints.

 Jimmy's class had a final performance. Jimmy spoke into the microphone. I couldn't understand anything he said but it was cute. 
 Jimmy at soccer. 
 Rock house fun in Glenview.
 Belt it out, Isa!
 Rosie's the best because she just sings even if she doesn't know the words. 
 We made friends.
Jimmy's one time at the pool. Poor guy hasn't been able to swim all summer. Such a bummer. 

 I organized crafts. It was super fun.

 Last day of school popsicle party.

 Isa made her own tv to star in.
 Checking out the Special Olympics. 

 Dance Party with a chili pepper and a chick.

 Emmett's in town. Let's swing! 

 Emmett was ready to dive in. 

 The girls loved doting on Emmett.

 Handsome man!

 Hanging with the cousins!

 Caroline took some steps. 

We played at the park for two hours, walked a mile to Potbelly's, then walked back and the kids played for another two hours. These kids are awesome and cousin fun is the best. 

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