Monday, August 24, 2015

Hanover House, Ship Bottom, LBI, NJ Aug. 2015 Harrison Vacay

For the first hour of our 14 hour road trip, Rosie fell asleep. It was the best hour ever! jk, kinda.
 First road stop three hours later! Jimmy was rocking out to some jams.
 The five of us. Marc was cleaning the windows while the gas was pumping.
 Roadtrip day two pit stop.
 We made it to Poppop's house!

 Playing Code Names. A great game Tommy brought. 

 Clams, Kit, and Poppop!
 Rosie and Tessa!

 Get in line for a dollar!

 The kids made a lot of shell necklaces and on crab necklace
 The cute meister!
 impromptu dance parties are the best all started with Robyn- Call Your Girlfriend.

 and a little Sweet Caroline- Reaching Out!

 Next up a special surprise from Jacob A. and Tessa H.
 The surprise included cookies and a note asking if they would be flower girls and ring bearers. 
 There were lots of yesses! 

 Happy People!

 Mini Golf! Jimmy loved the first two holes!
 My two boys!

 This golf game is easy...especially tandem golf with daddy!
 Sweet Agatha! She did really great and on another trip with Papa Jeph she got 5 holes in one!

 Look at the pain in Marc's face and the joy in Isla's face. It makes it all worth it!
 That was the final straw for Marc's back and now he can't stand up straight. :(

 Isla got the hang of it!
 Tessa with the big girls!

 Rosie was only partially interested and would drop her ball in the hole and then call it. 
 You can't play golf and not get ice cream! 

 It was a HOLE lot of fun!

 rainy Tuesday
 the guys enjoying some comedy

 Olivia wearing Tessa's ring
 Emmett loves the bubbly water.

 Dance Party #2! More Moles, More Holes More Moles, More Moles!

 Barnegat Light House

 Fishing Pier

 The iPad acting as a community builder and space saver!

 Olivia buried Isa! Jimmy wants in on the game.

 Hair Twins!
 Rosie smile.
 Rosie strike a pose.
 Jimmy's the boss and Papa listens. Papa sit there!
 Good leg work!
 That works a little better.
Agga and Tessa!
 Party on the beach!

 Isa Pizza Pie

 Me and My Jimmy Jims!

 Grandma Jo and Rosie Rose
 Jimmy and Papa
 8 Harrison cousins

 Jimmy loved drawing in the sand and laughing when the wave erased his drawing. 
 Tessa and Marco
 Tessa and Ellie and Emmett

 Tessa, Christi, Ellie, and Janet
 Great action shot of Kadima Paddle 
 Kit and Janet
It was a great vacation for the family. Rosie is determined to remind us that we said we would fly next time. Fingers crossed! I loved playing games in the evenings, learning how to play Russian Bank, and hanging out with my nieces and nephews during the day. They are a great bunch of kids. Lovely, lovely time! More photos to come...I think!

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