Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rosie is 5!

Rosie turned 5! She's very excited about being 5 and tells everyone. At her 5 year well visit she weighed in at 27 pounds and was 37 inches tall! Rosie is very excited about this year and being in the upstairs at her preschool. She will start tap dancing and tennis this year and will play soccer in the fall. She said that if she falls and cries, she will get back up and start playing soccer again. Either way, we are excited for her and love that she loves life and people and talking...mostly talking! 
 Rosie's birthday was also Isa's first day of school.
 Isa was just as excited about Rosie's presents and Rosie.
 Jimmy too!
 Isa got Rosie a jewelry box.  

 Jimmy got Rosie some headphones. He's testing them out. 
 HEADBANZ! A fun game. You can often find Rosie sitting on top of the table. :(
 On Rosie's birthday we went to pump it up!
 She got a great Dora exploring set!

 On her birthday there was a popsicle party at Rosie's school. Rosie couldn't have been happier than to have a school party on her birthday!
Cool Spider man shirt! 
 Dora cake time!
 Bowling Party!

 You can't have a bowling party and not have a dance party!!

 And, lastly, Rosie got her first American Girl Doll, Julie! When I showed her the dolls online she said Julie immediately and never wavered. She said she wanted a doll with yellow hair like her. It's OK that their eyes don't match. She just wants matching hair! 
 Grandma Bebe came with!

 And she got to have lunch with her two grandmas and her mom! It was a special day!
Happy Birthday, Rosie!

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