Monday, December 7, 2015

November Visitors!

It's show time! Let the fun begin!
 Rosie decked out in Bulls gear for some fun with Daddy! She had a blast watching the Chicago Bulls win. She high fived everyone around her. She LOVED it!
 Pippa stayed with us for the weekend. She's a great dog to have around. 

 Caroline and family came to walk through the leaves.

 and play in the basement!
 Trivia Night at SFX. We won, of course!
 Harry Potter style!
 Dolores Umbridge!

 It always ends in a dance party!

 Pippa and Rosie!

 Jimmy started to relax around Pippa after a few days!
 Isa collected cans for a Thanksgiving Drive and she made this sign. I thought it was awesome!

 We hired this guy to work on our house. He's a great handyman!
 Medical tools are the best tools to work with!
 He even throws in a pointed toe and fancy garb. You can't beat it. 
 He's on to his next job. 
 It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a BOAT!

 Jimmy had ear suregery. His expressions coming out of anesthesia were priceless. Marc and I couldn't stop laughing. 
 You mess with the bull you get the horns. 

 Rosie doing her own hair!

 Carline stayed with us for the weekend!
 She loved watching Rosie's dance class. 
 And, shopping in the cool car!
She ate lots of food!
 and, was a very happy guest. 

 She says, Welcome to my house!

 Thanksgiving fun!
 At the Botanic Gardens with Tessa, Ellie, Randy, and the Harrison cousins!

 Jimmy's out!

 Rosie and Grandma! 

 at ChrisKindlMarket! 
 Marc and I went to Naveen Cuisine and made some yummy Indian food.

 Jimmy picked up this picture and kept saying his teacher's name. It kind of looks like her. 

 Marc and I at the Bulls game. I got my hair done that day so lots of pictures!!!

 Isa read at Rosie's school. She has a real knack for it!
 Jimmy's like, you never told me the Stanley Cup was so heavy.
 The Christmas season begins! Dinner party at the Pond's house!
 Our tree. It was put up while I was cooking. The best way for it to go up!!!